Wednesday, I said.

From the point of view of the moment I’m writing this, we have a show TOMORROW.  But if you are reading this tomorrow, then we have a show tonight, unless it is tonight, in which case, get your ass over to the Footlight in Queens (in Ridgewood).  But presuming the show has passed as most eyes in the history of time will read this message as it hangs indefinitely after this show, then you really blew it.  Sure, it is the future, from our perspective, and the at the present, from your perspective, we probably have another show coming up soon that you will surely want to catch, but the show I’m writing to tell you about now (our perspective) is going to be better than  that one.  You missed us your prime.

Anyway, here is the Faced Book e-vent (electronic vent) regarding TOMORROW night’s show.  It is on Wednesday.

Be there and eat ice cream.  Also bring ice cream.

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