Blog Testing Madness

Hola. Welcome to this blog. I’ve set it up and am testing it with this post. Can I really write stuff and have it appear as part of a blog? How exciting.

The technology used in writing a blog is really fascinating. Think about it. Blogs weren’t even possible 50 years ago. Yet today, with the help of a computer keyboard, a screen, an internet connection, and some servers and protocols, as well as a computer-type device at your end, blogs are easy to post and transmit.

This blog in particular is the Too Close to Vomit Blog. Too Close to Vomit is my band, and I’ve been writing, recording and practicing through out the mightiest pandemic of our lifetimes. I’m rarin’ to start playing live again, and push our sound physically into new, young, hot audiences. To do so, I’m re-adapating age-old marketing I used with my old band, Lance Romañce.

The first big push is Too Close to Vomit pens, which I hand out to everyone I meet. They are in the testing phase now, which means I ordered a small quantity and am seeing how people react to the text on them. Pens are great because people hold onto them for a little while, which means they are reminded of the band. The second thing I’m working on is the website. I needed a good URL to put on the pens. And although I already had, it was too long and I loathed to put the phrase on the pen twice. Hence the URL is nice, short and to the point. The website is modeled after, my old website for Lance Romañce. The big problem with giantrats now is that it relies on frames, which work really well on the site. But some of today’s browsers don’t work well with frames, or other aspects of the site. Anyway, I built that site when I was 19, and I am happy to build a new, fresh one. And while it has a similar aesthetic, it is designed to be at least decently navigable on your phone. But also a major feature of is the mailing list archive. I ran an awesome email list from 1997-2002. I quit because it was funny to quit. This here blog is essential the older-version-of-me update to that mailing list. I took too long of a break. Anyway, this three pronged approach of pens, website, blog are the main ways I will be promoting this little band of mine. And in this post Covid world, I feel particularly ready to have a real go right now.

One aspect of the old mailing list: I fucking hate proof reading. I just write and hit enter, and you are welcome to read. I make more errors now. But once a piece is written, it’s best to move onto something else and stop looking back.

Anyway, welcome to the Too Close to Vomit blog. Stay tuned for more idiosyncrasies.

Yours in ties,

Lord On-Time Machine

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